‘Blue Bloods’ season 5 spoilers: One last 100th episode preview (video)

For fans of “Blue Bloods,” tomorrow night’s new episode “Baggage” has been a full 99 episodes in the making. We’re still surprised that the show is not getting more press for its 100th installment, especially given everything that it can take for a series to make it to this point. It is very hard for any show to make it to a 100th episode, so for this one, it is a remarkable achievement.

Just in case you have not heard what the story of “Baggage” is, it revolves around a dangerous bank robbery that Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) seems to witness. However, there is a twist that makes it more than just yet another robbery that he has seen time and time again. The suspected robbers here are actually members of the military, and they may have a specific reason for the act that they are carrying at.

Therefore, this may be the moral dilemma to end all moral dilemmas, and this is something that the show has been very much known for over the years.

This is just one of many episodes of the show airing throughout the month of January, and maybe it is for that reason that it is not getting more hype. Regardless of what the reasoning is here, our recommendation for you is that you check “Baggage” out. If nothing else, this marks a great opportunity to see some more of a show at its peak, and one that it is the middle of a very good season.

Is there anything that you are hoping to see from the 100th “Blue Bloods” installment? Let us know right now in the comments!

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