‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Will Chris Soules move away from Iowa farm for love?

Chris Soules -Through much of the premiere of “The Bachelor,” including the buildup that went along with it, one of the biggest questions for many was simply a matter of whether or not this show was going to be an effective experience for Chris Soules. By that, we specifically mean whether or not he was going to find anyone willing to go anywhere other than his Iowa farm.

Well, we may now have some sort of answer to that question, and it could be that compromise is the name of the game. Specifically, he may be willing to at least live part-time somewhere else while also going back and forth to the farm. Speaking on this particular subject to E! News, he had the following to say:

“I have a business with my mom and dad so I have flexibility … There is a workable scenario where I can basically live in two places.”

That does seem like a lot of work over time to be in two different locations, and the only way that we could see it working feasibly is if these two places are within reasonable driving distance from each other. Therefore, maybe he lives in a slightly different part of Iowa, or in a major city several hours away. Chicago is probably the most reasonably option in that department, given that it would take him around 4-5 hours to get back and forth by car most days. (Still, that’s an awful commute to occasionally make!)

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