‘The Following’ season 3 spoilers: A slightly different approach, and possible regrets?

Here is something that we were not particularly expecting to hear today: One of the powers-that be at “The Following” realizes that they may at times have gone a little too out-of-control last season with all of the crazy violence and chaos.

Want some more specifics? Well executive producer Marcos Siega tells Yahoo TV that the upcoming third season will have “more compelling character stuff and a lot more suspense and less gratuitous violence.” This is something that we can sign off on. We actually do like the tortured-soul character of Ryan Hardy, especially during the first season when we started to learn about him. The show just started to go so far off the rails, and even at times bordered on being rather difficult to watch due to the nonsensical nature of it all.

For those wanting a more general setup of the upcoming season, have no fear, as we have that for you, as well:

“The first episode of the season launches us in a way that a pilot would launch a series. We wanted to really make the show accessible to an audience that hasn’t seen Seasons 1 and 2, but also give the real hardcore fans a satisfying entry point … We pick up one year later and, unlike last year, Ryan Hardy really has kept all the promises he made. He’s gotten past Joe and he’s doing well and everything in his life is good. He even has a new love interest.”

We want to be excited for this show again, and we’ll give it a shot. The difference between it and season 2 is that we’re entering it now somewhat with trepidation, when we really wish we could enter it with something more resembling full-fledged excitement.

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