‘Covert Affairs’ canceled by USA; season 6 hopes dashed

Covert Affairs -Here’s some breaking (and pretty shocking) news coming out of USA: After five years on the air, “Covert Affairs” is officially no more.

The series has been canceled officially by the network now, which means that unlike many other long-running series, it is not going to get a chance to wrap up its story properly. This is likely infuriating news to many of its fans, given that this is a show that ended on a particular precarious note: Ryan McQuaid had proposed to Annie Walker (Annie Walker), and she had a business offer that would allow her to take a key role in a CIA task force. Now, we may never know the answer to either one of these key decisions.

Per Deadline, this decision came down to the same thing it does with almost all shows: Money. Series become more expensive as time goes on, especially ones that use so many locations and have such so many important cast members. Unlike many other series canceled recently, ownership was not really a factor here.

We had expected to see the series receive what was effectively the “White Collar” treatment, at least in that it could get a six-episode final season to wrap up most of its loose ends and major story threads. That would have been a very nice tribute to the fans, and to the cast who worked so hard on the show to make it happen. This is also something that USA has kindly given many other series on the network over the years, including “Burn Notice,” the aforementioned “White Collar,” and “Psych.”

On a personal note, this cancellation stings more than most since we remember visiting the set back before the first season, and getting to be around that environment as the cast and crew were all so passionate about their work. They’ve had a nice, long life on TV, but you obviously want to see it run to completion.

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