‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ review: Should Gilbert Gottfried tone down his humor?

Gilbert -After such a crazy episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” (Geraldo Rivera and Kevin Jonas… what a show down!) we couldn’t wait for the next episode. This show is just so good! Luckily we had another episode of the show right away, so let’s take a look at what happened next.

They are creating a presentation along with a tasting menu for a food company named Luvo who creates frozen dishes for all different companies. The teams have to come up with their own frozen food items for the executives and the best will win.

Team Infinity: Team project manager this time around is Vivica A Fox and she had her hands full trying to get the ladies to focus. She was a very strong project manager, getting everyone to focus on branding, bringing in the whole team, and making sure everyone had a role. With Kate and Shawn taking so long to bring back the props (and Shawn not feeling well because it was her time of the month), the ladies didn’t have as much time to rehearse their presentation. On the day of the presentation they were able to get their presentation together, but Shawn dropped the ball on getting the meals rolling out on time.

Team Vortex: Terrell Owens stepped up as project manager and after what just happened with Kevin Jonas, Terrell was smart to use Geraldo more the Kevin did since Geraldo isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Terrell has everyone working on scripts for the presentation, but Gilbert doesn’t prepare, he’s an improv guy, which can make sense for him since he does read the crowd to know what type of humor to lead with (or so we would think). So did Gilbert do well going off the cuff? That’s debatable, they were a pretty conservative crowd and his humor isn’t family friendly.

Boardroom: Right away Vivica told Trump that Shawn doesn’t want to be there, saying that when she got her period she shut down and wasn’t helpful – even though Shawn ran around for 6 hours getting props for the show. Jamie called Kenya out for being rude and mean for no reason, but to be fair Kenya apologized right away and Jamie didn’t accept it. Again the women are fighting among themselves and the men are holding together well.

Who went home and who won: The Luvo executives picked the women as the winning team – they thought that Gilbert’s humor wasn’t appropriate for their family brand (Shocker!!!!) We said it before and we’ll say it again, Vivica is someone to watch on this show and we think she will be in the finale. Terrell brought back Geraldo and Gilbert back to the boardroom and Gilbert got fired for being inappropriate (right after Trump said he wouldn’t fire him for being inappropriate).

After watching Kevin Jonas go home in the last episode nothing really shocks us when it comes to the boardroom on this show, so to see Gilbert go this early was sad but not shocking. Episode grade: C+

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