‘Madam Secretary’ episode 12 review: Elizabeth takes on extradition

“Madam Secretary” returned to CBS on Sunday night after a rather extensive hiatus, and it did so with an episode in “Standoff” that really proved one thing: Elizabeth is awesome, and she definitely means business. Unfortunately, in the process she also had to skip out on part of her anniversary with Henry.

Extradition became the name of the game in this episode, specifically when she realized that a powerful man was going to use regulations to his advantage in an effort to get ahead, and potentially run for the highest office of all. All of this led to a tense conclusion, and Elizabeth leading the charge to get corruption out of Washington. We like the fact that on this show, she’s allowed to be more of a heroic figure, and is not being forced to become some sort of complicated antihero character like we have on so many other shows.

We’ve also grown to like more of the personal-life segments, which we originally felt was a little repetitive, and not necessarily something that was needed in order to tell her story. Getting Henry more and more involved has been a nice way to really raise the stakes, even if the children at times do feel a little unnecessary, and in return, Elizabeth comes across as more of a lecturer.

Hopefully, you are still enjoying “Madam Secretary,” since there are quite a few good things that it is bringing to the table. We want something that tests Elizabeth even more, but that may come later this season. Grade: B.

What did you think about Sunday’s episode, and are you glad to see the series back on the air? Let us know immediately in the comments.

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