‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ review: Is Geraldo Rivera trying to undermine Kevin Jonas?

Geraldo -We have gotten through the first episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (and if you head over HERE you can read the review), and now we are onto the second episode! Can we pick out a winner already? Who is causing the most trouble? Let’s take a look at how the second episode unfolds.

Today the two teams are working with a company called “Neat” which helps people get organized – specifically online clutter and they each have to come up with a commercial for the product.

Team Infinity: Kate Gosselin is the project manager (Kenya Moore is gone for the day doing something else) and she knows nothing about technology so we immediately now that they are in trouble. Kate wants to wait to talk to the “Neat” executives before making any decisions and while Brandi made it feel like Kate didn’t know what she was doing (and Kate also doesn’t really feel that she knows what she’s doing) she did make a good choice on waiting to talk to the executives. Leeza jumped in and took over with the creative with Brandi. Things got even worse when Brandi started to kick up the drama and stress level and Kate couldn’t really control her. After watching the final product we feel that they actually did a great job! It wasn’t funny or crazy, but it felt incredibly professional.

Team Vortex: Kevin Jonas grabbed the project manager position, knowing this product really well and picked Lorenzo and Ian as his wing men. Geraldo is having trouble letting go of being in charge – or he is possibly just bringing up ridiculous ideas to give Kevin a hard time for making him feel like he’s been cut out of the creative. At the “Neat” meeting Kevin couldn’t get a handle on him since he spent the whole meeting screaming on his phone while the executives tried to give information to the team. Seems that Geraldo is trying to undermine Kevin… possibly because he knows that Kevin could really win this show. Kevin put Ian as the producer, Lorenzo as the director, and Gilbert as the star of the commercial -totally perfect. He also decided to make Geraldo the writer which helped tame him a bit… that is until Kevin and Geraldo had a huge blow out. Lorenzo tried to calm Geraldo down but giving him some voice over work to do, but it still didn’t seem to work. Glibert was great, but the commercial felt a little cluttered for a commercial about being more “neat”.

Boardroom: When pushed to throw someone under the bus, Kevin worked around doing that and handled Trump with finesse, however Kate threw Brandi under the bus with ease for creating panic. Over all it was the same boardroom antics as we saw in the premiere.

Who won and who went home: The “Neat” executives had problems with both teams, but also liked both teams quite a bit, but the women won and it wasn’t surprising at all considering how clean their commercial was. Is Kevin in trouble? Kevin went up against Geraldo, saying that because of Geraldo they didn’t have enough branding and that’s why they lost and Ian backed Kevin up. What was surprising was Kevin brought back Geraldo and Ian – bringing Ian back because he thinks that Ian and Kevin together can get Geraldo fired. This completely back fired and Kevin Jonas got sent home based on the fact that he thought he was outsmarting Trump and Trump doesn’t like to be outsmarted.

This episode definitely surprised up – We can’t even believe that Kevin went home, we are still spiraling about this since we were convinced that Jonas would win. Geraldo has this show won – this is in the bag for him. Episode grade: A

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