‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preview: Phaedra Parks wants an electric fence

Isn’t Phaedra Parks a woman of simple goals? Well, we wouldn’t say that. She has always been an ambitious woman, and in the latest “Real Housewives of Atlanta” preview below, we see that in some ways, her ambition may be getting a little like a runaway train.

Specifically, we’re talking here about her new and somewhat surprising desire to have an electric fence put up in order to keep herself safe from intruders. Does she really want to live in a danger zone? This seems like it one increase your electric bill through the roof, and also, what happened if someone you knew accidentally shocked themselves? For a lawyer, it’s shocking that she’s not thinking the liabilities here.

Then again, Phaedra also knows what makes good TV, and asking for one, likely knowing that it won’t happen, is definitely good TV. The suggestion made to her is to just put up a sign, and by our estimation, that should do the trick.

Still, we suppose we understand the need for personal privacy at times if you are one of these women. You expect certain things like autographs and tabloid rumors to come with the territory, but like anything else, there is a line. People trying to come to your house is definitely crossing that and then some. Pheadra’s also in the middle of what has been a very difficult season for her already, dealing with the legal woes of Apollo Nida while trying to keep her family and career on track. All of this ultimately is no easy task to figure out.

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