‘The Bachelor’ CarterMatt Podcast: On Chris Soules, notable suitors, more with Jessa

LogoAre you ready for “The Bachelor” to premiere? We know that we are, mostly because there is no better outlet for hilarity, drama, tears, and awkward moments. Who would anyone want to air so much of their dirty laundry on TV? That is something we are still hoping to get some sort of answer to.

Regardless, we are pleased to be here today with the first edition of our CarterMatt Podcast for the season! Much like “The Bachelorette” last season, we (meaning Matt Carter and Jessa) are going to be present, discussing everything from the surprises to the eye-roll moments. Expect some snark! Sometimes, this show just so happens to bring it upon itself.

For the sake of this particular podcast, we have a few priorities since we are not even at the start of the season yet:

1. Discussing the Bachelor himself in Chris Soules, from what he brings to the table to our concerns about whether or not he is good TV.

2. A quick look at the state of the franchise as a whole.

3. We choose five women from the cast who we feel are especially interesting, and discuss why they could be a big part of the show.

One of the reasons this was made so much fun for us was because we went into this entirely blind and spoiler-free, which is something that the internet does not typically allow us to do. These podcasts are going to be without spoilers for the entirety of the season, mostly because we like to think that there are many out there who want to enjoy the show without all of that outside knowledge.

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