‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Trina Scherenberg impress Chris Soules?

Trina -Here is something a little crazy about “The Bachelor” this season: There is only one contestant the entire season who is the same age as Chris Soules. Maybe he has a thing for younger women, or maybe the show finds that people in their twenties bring more drama. It’s hard to say, but it’s crazy to think we’re talking about a 33-year old woman today who is the oldest person in the competition. Heck, only four women this season are over 30.

We think being the same age as Chris should benefit Trina Scherenberg, at least in that she may be able to relate to him in ways that others cannot. Apart from that, she seems to be someone who was cast as one of the contestants genuinely interested in finding love. How far she goes is a little more in question.

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Age – 33

Location – San Clemente, California. We’ve said that some California contestants this season may have trouble moving, but we don’t see anything from Trina’s bio that makes us think that location is a deal-breaker. Given that this is a beach town, maybe this means that she is fairly outdoorsy and adventurous.

Occupation – Special education teacher. Trina apparently went to graduate school twice and did very well each time, and with that, she may be one of the most intelligent contestants on this season. There are children all over America who could benefit from her talents, so this job probably will not tie her down to any one particular place.

Strengths – As we just mentioned, intelligence. We correlate her job and her history in school to maturity more so than age, since there are plenty of people out there who never grow up. There are probably some contestants this season who are a little tentative and just see the show as a silly thing to do for TV time, and we don’t feel Trina is that way at all. She probably knows who she is and what she wants.

Weaknesses – Sometimes, being successful and smart can be a little intimidating, and that could be hard for both Chris and some of the other women. There is also something else we’ve mentioned with teachers even this season, and that is a partial unwillingness to do anything that could be seen negatively by America. She has a job to go back to, and parents need to approve of her. We’re most speaking here in the context of PDA, or if there is a group date that requires her to do something uncomfortable.

Prediction – We get the sense that Trina is probably someone who will be well-liked by the people who take the time to know her this season. We’re just not sure that Chris will. We cannot speak for the early seasons, but at least in recent “Bachelor” history (i.e. the past ten seasons or so) the older contestants tend to go reasonably far, but do not win. We figure the same will be true here.

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