‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Tracy Darakis teach Chris Soules about love?

Tracy -Can you believe that we are almost at the end of the “Bachelor” spotlight series? It’s been a long, crazy journey to get here, but we are just about at the end and Tracy Darakis is going to be one of the people to seemingly get us to the end.

While it’s really quite hard to say for sure what her odds are going to be of winning without seeing her in the context of the show, we’ll at least say that on paper, she is the sort of contestant that the franchise likes, and who tends to do pretty well.

Age – 29

Location – Wellington, Florida. This is relatively close to Juan Pablo country in Miami, so we feel for Tracy in that way. At the same time, she’s close to the beach. Hard to be upset over that.

Occupation – Fourth grade teacher. Great one for this show. She obviously loves kids, and can do this job anywhere that there is a classroom. Also, she seems to be one of the few contestants we’ve discussed lately without an extensively modeling history (at least that we know of).

Bio highlights – This line strikes us as somewhat odd from her bio: “I’d like to be a romantic but I haven’t found a guy who’d be into that! I think I am one at heart though.” Is she throwing her exes under the bus? It seems somewhat like it.

Strengths – Tracy seems to be pretty personable, open to a relationship, and as we mentioned, she has a job that is very down-to-earth. She also is probably not looking to be a problem to anyone here, since she cannot embarrass herself too badly in fear of losing her job.

Weaknesses – By the same token, we thought with Brian last season that he was a little tentative at times, since he may not want to put himself that far out there on national TV. Could Tracy be the same? There’s also the fear here that she will just get lost in a sea of bigger / more aggressive personalities.

Prediction – Could we see Tracy winning? Possibly. She’s at least got a good chance on paper to be a contender, given that she has much of what Chris is looking for, and seems to be taking this seriously. The worst thing that happens here is that she either gets nervous, or just can’t show herself off properly.

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