‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Tara Eddings net Chris Soules as a fiance?

Tara -Tara Eddings may have one of the most entertaining bios of any contestant on “The Bachelor” this season. After all, parts of it read like the lyrics of a song that’s played 200 times a day on country radio.

Given that Chris Soules is a farmer from Middle America, you would think that these two would be perfect for each other … right? Well, we’re going to investigate this in our latest spotlight, and see if there is more to her than first meets the eye. Some of it may be good for Chris, but some may not!

Age – 26

Location – Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Poor Tara has the challenge of redeeming much of the greater Miami area after that complete collapse of a “Bachelor” season last year. There’s no real connection to Chris here, though.

Occupation – Her bio says she is a “sport fishing enthusiast,” which we immediately read as “unemployed.” However, we’ve learned that she has some experienced in the medical field, and that she is (you guessed it) a model. How many models are on this season? Is this all casting can come up with?

Bio highlights – We though we’d share this gem when asked what she loves in a partner: “[When he] opens the truck door for me, is kind to everyone around (servers), shows others that he’s with me and wants to show me off to the world, and makes me laugh until I can’t breathe.” Mostly, the part about the truck being the only vehicle in her imagination. Like we said, country song lyrics.

Strengths – She has a very different energy seemingly than most of the other women this season; there are some others from the south, but not so many of the fishing / truck-loving sort. As we’ve said with some of the other models on the show, they do have a natural advantage in knowing how to make a good impression, and get attention very quickly, even in a crowd.

Weaknesses – The model thing always has us worried, since we immediately think that this means that they are looking first and foremost for more high-profile shoots / nightclub-hosting gigs after the show. This isn’t always the case, but the majority of the time, it is what we see. Also, she says she can’t live without the ocean … which isn’t good, since we don’t get the sense Chris wants to move that far away from Iowa.

Prediction – Tara may have the charisma to last a few weeks, and we could see a situation where she does get a hometown date. Despite our qualms, we think she has a real chance of standing out and being a big player this season … but the whole “where are they going to live” thing will probably be enough to keep her from winning.

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