‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Will Reegan Cornwell sell herself as Chris Soules candidate?

Reegan -For these “Bachelor” spotlights, we are basing most of them off of quick impressions from ABC’s bio pages, and also to go along with that, little bits and pieces of things that we find on the internet.

Well, superficially Reegan Cornwell definitely sets herself up as one of the most interesting. We can tell that she put some real effort into her bio, which makes us think that she really wants to be there, trying to win the heart of “Prince Farming” Chris Soules. she also has an interesting job, which we had to do a little bit of research for prior to writing this article.

Age – 28

Hometown – Manhattan Beach, California. Do you really want to leave the beaches of California in order to go spend time in Iowa? Some prefer the small-town lifestyle, but this could be tricky for her. We don’t get the impression that Chris is looking to move to the West Coast.

Occupation – Cadaver tissue saleswoman. We initially thought that this meant she sold tissue to use on cadavers in the funeral service industry. However, a report from Bustle (citing a LinkedIn page no longer online) suggests that she helps to ensure that donors are connected to recipients of potential transplants. Basically, it is helping to make sure that they have what they need in order to continue living happy, healthy lives. It’s a fascinating job if this is accurate, and who knows? Maybe this story could keep her around for a while! With that being said, it’s so specialized that if she wants to continue with it, she would have to most-likely stay in the same place.

Strengths – Anyone in sales is charismatic and friendly, which to us means that she is going to have an early advantage in getting Chris’ attention. She’s also driven (given that she has a career), and we almost get a sense that she works so hard, she does not always have time for dating.

Weaknesses – Is Reegan really compatible with Chris? Personality-wise, we feel like they could be a good match, and he even seems to be the “old-fashioned” guy she is looking for. However, we’re mostly concerned that there is too much distance here, and unless one of them is willing to make a big change, why even make a big effort to get into the competition?

Prediction – Maybe Reegan lasts for a few weeks, but it’s hard to envision her getting a hometown date knowing what we do about her. We do think that she will benefit from the competition, but more in a way that it will allow her to have better luck back home after the fact.

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