‘Doctor Who’ season 8 Christmas Special review: Clara Oswald’s fate, Santa Claus, and dreams galore

Doctor Who -Going into the “Doctor Who” Christmas Special this year, there were many questions. Would there be any departures? Would there be plenty of shockers? Well, we have all of those answers for you below, but spoilers ahead!

First of all, we were marginally surprised about how scary most of the special was, given that this is a time when there are probably small children watching. Who wants to guess if the BBC will get complaints over it? We liked it, but then again, we’re not an eight-year old kid.

The themes of the episode to us were reminiscent of much of this season: Dreams versus reality, fear, and if you have the confidence to raise above all that is terrible in the world. Santa Claus also made an appearance, played brilliantly here by Nick Frost. Given his last name, isn’t this a rather perfect role for him? Santa ended up saving the day in a way, snatching up The Doctor and Clara and allowing them to make it back to their home (i.e. “waking up from a dream”) in time. Luckily, Clara always believed in Santa! The moment between her and the Doctor on the sleigh was rather sweet.

Then, there is a question of Clara’s fate. When we saw the Doctor arrive at the end, he used his famed screwdriver to uncover a woman 60 years in the future. She has already lived a full life, and we feel like it could have been an appropriate end for the character … if it was the end. When the Doctor and Clara both woke again after another visit from Santa. She was safe.

Was this all a little confusing at times? Sure, but we found that to be the case with a good third of the episodes this season. Often, we would watch them, and then have to go back to catch all of the little dream Easter eggs. (Ironic for a Christmas episode in this case.)

Overall, we rather enjoyed this particular episode. It did not reinvent the wheel, but it was a nice way of allowing us to really see in full the personal growth of Twelve over the course of the season. More adventures will come next year! Grade: B+.

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