‘Major Crimes’ season 3, episode 15 review: Sharon’s party, Louie’s mystery date

Louie major crimesIf you want “Major Crimes” the Christmas edition then that’s exactly what you are going to get with tonight’s episode which included a Santa flash mob, jolly ole Saint Nick robbing a bank and the most adorable Santa hat on the title cards (we love when they do stuff like that!).

Now that Rusty has been officially adopted by Sharon into the family (and Ricky has gotten over his issues about Rusty being adopted), Emily and Ricky have taken him under their wing this Christmas. When Sharon gets called in to work on the bank robbing Santa (which resulted in a guard shooting Santa and all of the money going missing), Emily, Rusty and Ricky all go Christmas shopping together to finish getting all of the provisions that Sharon needs for her annual Christmas party.

Will Louie being going to Sharon’s party? He stumbles and stutters through an explanation to Sharon about why he won’t be coming and it seems that he will be going on a last minute trip with “someone” to Laguna beach. While questioned by Andy, Louie reveals that the person he is going with is a woman, but that they will have separate rooms on their trip. So who is this woman? It’s Patrice from a few episodes ago… seems a romantic spark has been lit between these two.

While Rusty, Emily and Ricky are alone at home putting up the Christmas tree, Emily and Ricky start talking about how they think that their father has started drinking again, but that they have no proof to back up their suspicions. Emily finds empty wine bottles at her father’s house and shows them to Ricky and Rusty. Rusty wants to tell Sharon about Jack’s drinking (and dropping out of AA), but Emily reminds him that he’s their dad and that they don’t want to tell Sharon because she’s said that if he ever started drinking again she would stop him from seeing the kids. Rusty reminds Emily that they aren’t kids and can do what they want and that it’s better to be honest with Sharon.

We were hoping that Emily  would listen to Rusty, but instead no one told Sharon the truth about Jack.  Rusty’s relationship with Sharon is such a deep trusting one that we worry about how this is going to affect them more then her relationship with Emily or Ricky. Episode grade: A-

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