CBS’ ‘CSI’ season 15, episode 11 review: Pilots, passion and a flight suit

With all of the ‘CSI’ delays due to football we still have a few more brand new episodes through out the holidays (guess there’s one good thing that came out of all of these football delays).

With Christmas coming up in just a few days, we were expecting tonight’s “CSI” episode to be a little more holiday themed then it was (in fact there was no mention of holidays at all). This could be because there are a few more episodes left and the holiday episode may still be waiting.

With that being said if there is a holiday season coming up in the rotation, we wish they had decided to air it tonight out of order since tonight’s episode had absolutely no main character storylines at all in it and we were hoping to have a little “CSI” holiday spirit with our team.

Instead we ended up with an episode  involving a military owned flight suit that not only killed the man flying it, but also an innocent man in a building 30 stories high. At first our team thought that the pilot, Ferris, had taken the flight suit created by TRP out for a joy ride that went awry, but upon further investigation they realize that the suit had been tampered with and that this was a murder.

After a second pilot dies (not from suit “malfunction”, but from what seems to be a stroke of some sort) and the team learns that Ferris was dead when he “took off” in his suit, it’s starting to look like TRP might be behind the murders. At first they think the TRP head named Claudia Mason was having an affair with Ferris, and they later learned that his wife figured out that he was having an affair… but it wasn’t with Claudia. It was with his male commanding officer who later killed him when the pilot tried to end the relationship with him. He also killed the second pilot thinking that he might tell someone the truth about the commander and Ferris.

When it comes to “CSI” we typically like storylines that include some personal stories about our team members, but this particular was pretty interesting as far as story of the week’s go. Episode grade: C+

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