‘Agent Carter’ spoilers: More details on the series’ setting

In just a matter of a couple of weeks now (more or less), “Agent Carter” is finally coming on the air! This has been a pretty lengthy wait, and one accented mostly by it coming on during the hiatus for Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.”

Now that we are getting so close to the show airing, we are pleased to have at least some more information on one other important topic: What the time period for the series is going to be. Sure, you know that it will be taking place after Peggy Carter’s days on “Captain America: The first Avenger,” but what about in terms of when she is asked to head up SHIELD?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the show’s executive producer Michele Fazekas makes it clear that the window for this show is going to be somewhere in between the aforementioned Marvel movie, and when the Marvel One Shot takes place:

“That will essentially be the last thing that ever happens in the series … We will never have S.H.I.E.L.D. in this series. So, in some regard, the One Shot is the end of the series.”

Given the way in which the series is framed, it should be understandable to wonder whether or not there is a way to tell any further stories with Hayley Atwell’s character beyond the upcoming episodes. Our feeling on the matter is this: If the ratings are really good, or if the show received an enormous amount of critical acclaim, we would not be shocked if they find another way to use Peggy. It’s just a wait-and-see approach.

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