‘White Collar’ series finale review: Did Neal Caffrey survive, or die, in final mission?

We have to say here that going in the “White Collar” series finale, those involved with the show made an interesting move in trying to make us temper expectations that this show was going to end with something that everyone would love. Maybe it was an awareness on their part for what the current social-media landscape is like.

Here is the irony in this: We feel like “White Collar” really delivered what was a mostly-perfect hour of TV here. It was almost everything that we would want in the conclusion of the show, and it shows that creator Jeff Eastin handled this perfectly. He left his ego at the door, and decided to communicate with his actors about what would be the best way to conclude this story.

First of all, having the final showdown with Neal be with Keller felt almost pitch-perfect, and having Peter take him out was a strong way to get rid of this adversary once and for all. Peter became a tortured soul, especially in seeing Neal seemingly die at Keller’s hand. He made it so far and executed so much, but he was gone. He and Mozzie even saw the body.

With that being said, is he really gone? Did you really think that the show was going to end in any other way than with Neil finding his way out of this alive? He, as it turns out, escaped to France, and orchestrated his greatest con to date. To were many lovely nods to the pilot in here, some great writing, and a few “aw” moments. Peter naming his kid Neal? Wonderful.

While we could nitpick here and there (we almost didn’t need to see Neal at the end to know he was alive), this was almost exactly what a series finale should be. It was true to the show’s vision, entertaining, and above all, it made sure that Neal’s journey was not necessarily over. Maybe there will be more some day, and if there isn’t, we won’t mind. We really got what we wanted. Grade: A.

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