‘State of Affairs’ episode 6 preview: Katherine Heigl, cast’s last mission before holidays

State of Affairs -There is a new episode of “State of Affairs” airing on NBC next week, which in some ways should come as a surprise. This is a show, after all, that will not have a lead-in courtesy of “The Voice,” and also has the challenge of airing at time when most other people are thinking about Christmas.

With all of this being said, we don’t have a ton of high expectations for it in the ratings. We’re starting to feel like NBC may feel the same way; if they were feeling a tad bit more confident, maybe they would opt to air this episode at a time when it could fare a little better. We know that they have a lot of shows on the docket for this season, but still.

Story-wise, we can at least tell you right now a little bit more of what you can expect from Katherine Heigl and company, and it is courtesy of the (rather lengthy) synopsis that was released recently by NBC:

“Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Maureen (Sheila Vand) accompany President Payton (Alfre Woodard) to Qatar on a diplomatic trip. What begins as a standard mission of diplomacy becomes a disaster when a Qatar national infiltrates the American embassy claiming to be CIA. Constance tasks Charlie to find out if he’s telling the truth. Meanwhile Lucas (Adam Kaufman), Dash (Tommy Savas) and Kurt (Cliff Chamberlain) work to track down Al Moosari, believed to be a direct link to Omar Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat). Kurt has a run-in with a walk-in who claims to have found a valuable ‘backdoor’ into highly valuable communications. Nick (guest star Chris L. McKenna), still MIA, is violently interrogated by a masked man. Charlie finally takes desperate and dangerous measures to remember the events of the convoy attack.”

We’ll have more on this episode as it nears airing, so stay tuned!

What do you want to see on the next new episode of “State of Affairs”? Share some of your thoughts and hopes for this episode right now in the comments! Also, you can click here to get some further TV news on all we cover courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter! (Photo: NBC.)

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