‘Ink Master’ season 6: What do we want to see for ‘Ink Master’ season 6?

Ink MasterWill there be a returning artist moving into “Ink Master” season 6? Ever since season 3 we have had America’s vote to bring back an artist for the next season, so we won’t be too surprised if that happens again, but what else do we want to see happen?

Rivals: This theme worked out so well it would be a shame not to run with this again. We had a lot of drama come from this, but also we feel that the rivalries pushed the artists to do better work.

Blood vs Water:  We’ve seen this work on “Survivor” in the past, could this not be something that works on “Ink Master” as well? Going up against a loved one and having to decide whether or not to compete hard to take them out or give them the win can be painful. It’s always hard competing against someone you love.

All Stars: It has been 5 seasons now so there are more then enough great artists that we could easily see an all-stars season next year. We would get back some of our favorites, some winners and some people we love to hate. Who wouldn’t want to watch “Ink Master’s” best competing for the title?

All new cast: We’ve had a few seasons of returning artists and now we’ve finally had a season where a returning artist actually won (hooray for Jason Clay Dunn!), but when’s the last time we had a season of all new artists? Not since season 2 and that was one of the best seasons of the show. Why not give the newbies a chance to snag the title?

Also if you haven’t heard there will be two “Ink Master” holiday specials coming up on December 23rd, and December 30th called “Merry Ink Master” and “New Year’s Ink Master” where you will get to see some returning favorites come back and create some fun tattoos. For more on that, just head over here.

If you are looking for more news on “Ink Master: Rivals” including more on the epic finale where Jason Clay Dunn kicked some serious butt, then head over to the link here where you can check out previews, reviews, interviews with eliminated artists (Caroline Evans, Elton “LT” Duarte, Jayvo Scott, Tim Lees, Ryan Eternal, Robbie Ripoll, Ty’Esha Reels, Angel Bauta, Julia Carlson, Emily Elegado, Joshua Hibbard, Don Peddicord, Aaron Is, and Cris Element) and podcasts all about the show (or head here if you want to download our podcasts from iTunes).

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