‘The Newsroom’ series finale: Final notes via Olivia Munn, Jeff Daniels

Tonight is a rough one for us, since one of our favorite shows from the past several years in “The Newsroom” is coming to a close. It feels like much too soon, and even those who hate the show after to be somewhat bummed. What are they going to have to criticize in think-pieces right now?

The good thing about the show, regardless of the viewpoint, is that it does have you thinking about some issues. We saw this more on this past episode with that controversial rape storyline, where a writer after the fact proclaimed that show creator Aaron Sorkin turned her away after protesting the direction of the story. Olivia Munn has responded to this multiple times, and in an interview on “Watch What Happens Live!” this week, she further reiterated her stance that what she did not like about the writer’s explanation is that she made it mostly about herself, and not any particular viewpoint. “Intelligent” is a word bandied about here.

For all of those who did not enjoy this story, what we can tell you is that there is probably no real reason to worry: We do not see this story playing a particularly enormous role on the show the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, Jeff Daniels reflected on Twitter this week to the death of the Charlie character, which is important for the finale. At least part of the story tonight is going to be about how Will McAvoy figures out if he wants to continue working in this news environment, and just what Charlie meant to his as an adviser and a mentor, even if they did not always see eye-to-eye.

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