‘MasterChef Junior’ season 2 finale preview: Logan, Samuel face off

Tuesday night, the competition is really going to be heating up on Fox’s “MasterChef Junior” finale. The final two competitors will take to the kitchen, and ultimately try to do everything in their power to take home the title (while at the same time probably making the rest of us realize that we are not too good of cooks after all).

So what is coming up Tuesday? Basically, you have a battle between Samuel and Logan. Each one of them has their own advantages, but the ultimate thing is that we could see either one of them winning in the end. They are both incredibly creative, and not afraid to take some big risks to get some big rewards.

We would say that overall, Samuel is probably a favorite.to win the competition. He has been extremely present in the story all season, and has performed well in the majority of the challenges. However, there is a big case for Logan as an underdog. Everyone wants to root for the winner that they don’t always see coming.

Above all, though, both of these guys would be a good ambassador for the “MasterChef Junior” brand, which we really define more than anything else as just being talented, inspirational, and charismatic enough to be able to reach out and encourage other kids to be involved in cooking at an early age. Also, they need to be drive enough to want to do something great in food down the road, at least at the time they are competing.

Who do you think is most likely to win this season of “MasterChef Junior”? Share some of your thoughts right away with a comment!

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