‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 9 video: Danny, Linda clash over mugging

After some weeks off, “Blue Bloods” season 5 is going to return to CBS Friday night with a new episode, and like many other episodes, a complicated ethical quandary is going to be at the center of the story.

This time around, the question here is simple: Are we going to see Danny force Linda to give up something that she likes? It’s really a question of safety, and then whether or not he really wants to see her walking around with a gun in her purse after she gets mugged. She reveals to him in the sneak peek video below that she enjoys taking a little bit of time out of her schedule to work with the hospital in an area that desperately needs it. Unfortunately, this location is a place where crime is very heavy.

He doesn’t want her to be in danger, so of course, he tries to think of almost every way that he can to put his fut down on her doing it. She doesn’t seem to be that keen on listening, and it is due to this that the arguments spawns.

There are of course multiple issues that are in here, from the role of police to keep muggers off the street. Also, it’s about gun control, and whether or not there are good times to carry a handgun. She wants to do her part to help others, while he just wants to ensure that nothing bad happens to her. Both have justifiable positions.

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