‘Sons of Anarchy’ series finale: Charlie Hunnam show hits new ratings record

We assumed that the ratings were going to be enormous for the series finale of “Sons of Anarchy,” and we are therefore pleased to report today that they did not disappoint by any measure.

The episode Tuesday night was watched by a total of 6.4 million people. Meanwhile, 4.2 million of these were in the key 18-49 demographic. These are both records for the show, narrowly beating out the season 7 premiere. Clearly, this proves that even with parts of the finale leaking before the episode aired, there were still plenty of reasons to watch and enjoy this story.

Reaction to this episode is for the most part mixed. We’ve had a little more time to reflect upon it, and for the most part, we feel as positively about it as we once did. Jax was too prideful to allow someone else to take his life, but he also realized that as long as he was breathing, there would always be chaos in Charming. He went out under his own terms, and in the way that he wanted. At least there was potential for his children and even part of the club to have a more peaceful existence.

The only quibble that we can see an argument for is the comparison between Jax and Christ, especially in the closing minutes. Our interpretation of that is that Jax saw himself in some ways as a savior figure in those finale minutes, paying for his sins so that everyone else could live. We had no argument with the representation of the homeless woman. We feel like they explained enough of who she was (an angel of death figure) without stamping it on their forehead.

What are you thinking about the finale now? Share in the comments.

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