‘MasterChef Junior’ review: Did Samuel, Logan, Abby, or Adaiah make season 2 finale?

Tonight, “MasterChef Junior” paved the way for the season 2 finale, and it did so with an episode that had a TON of product placement for a refrigerator  Seriously.

Still, there was some good cooking in here, and we liked the challenge themed around cooking for however many ingredients you had in your fridge. It tested creativity, and in some ways, having the most ingredients could be overwhelming. We don’t think that we would only want five, but somewhere around the middle seemed to be the right spot.

As for the end result of the show, we have to say that weren’t too shocked to see Samuel advance. He’s been a very-big character from the moment this season started, so it felt almost assured he would advance.

As for Logan, his selection makes sense based on what we saw tonight. Creatively, the man killed this challenge like nobody’s business. Still, if you went back to the start of this season, we would have labeled him a darkhorse.

We thought that Adaiah was going to be eliminated just for a lack of screen time, but when it comes to Abby, we thought that she really had a good shot at this. Ultimately, we feel like she was probably just a victim of being the youngest person in the competition at only eight years old. If this were a few years in the future, she would probably be in the finale, given how good she is already.

In the end, we’ve got a very interesting showdown next week between two people who have weaknesses, but are also extremely creative and can cook like nobody’s business. Grade: B+.

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