‘Sons of Anarchy’ series finale: Charlie Hunnam, Kurt Sutter to appear on ‘Anarchy Afterword’

A couple of days after an early book release spoiled the end of “Sons of Anarchy,” creator Kurt Sutter has spoken out again, and with a slight change in his language.

First of all, we admit that we feel bad for the guy. He has worked his butt off for almost a decade on this show, only for the ending to be leaked out. While most fans are being respectful (and we ask you do the same), there are a few people out there who are trying to be mean and spoil the end of the show.

Speaking in a lengthy post on Twitter, Sutter explained that regardless of what happened, he is going to move forward the next few days and continue business as usual:

“There has been no resolution and my basket is headless, as the corporate art of buck-passing has reached a new level of brilliance. Like any good alcoholic, my impulse was to burn down the house, cut bait and disappear. I already booked my flight for Idaho. But I woke up this morning to a text by Tommy Flanagan that reminded me once again, it’s not just about me. This is not my show, this is your show. Thank you, Tommy. I love you, brother.

“I hope folks tune in for the finale. I’m very proud of it. I’ll be on the aftershow with Charlie and the cast to try and close this ride with some dignity and gratitude.”

It is good to see that Sutter will be making an appearance on the show, mostly because it would be weird to have a final “Anarchy Afterword” without him as a part of it. Also, we don’t think that a part of the ending getting out is going to ruin the entire episode for everyone.

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