ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ season 2, episode 9 video: Conflict and a memorial

Resurrection -Last Sunday, “Resurrection” definitely delivered a big surprise, and something that was almost impossible to see coming. (Obviously, spoilers ahead if you did not see the last episode.)

With Tom dead, at least part of the upcoming “Aftermath” is going to focus on a memorial for Pastor Tom, and there will be onlookers aplenty out to pay their respects. Among them? Henry and Jacob, who of course was friends with a young Tom back many decades ago.

This sneak peek below focuses on the overall sense of unrest that comes with Tom’s funeral, and how not everyone is really interested in doing the respectful part of paying their respects. Many of the anti-Returned feel like Tom was a sympathizer, and therefore he is just as bad as the Returned in their eyes.

By the end of the clip, we have Kurtwood Smith almost reverting back to “That 70’s Show” form and trying to put a boot up someone’s you-know-what. The difference here is that there are major motives, as he is provoked by talk of both Jacob’s death, and also shutting down the factory. We’re mostly surprised that there are people still holding anger over that factory, given that it was shut down so many years before.

Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, it’s definitely fair for you to wonder whether or not Tom is really dead. After all, just look at the title of the show! We’ve also seen Rachael already return from the dead after she was killed off, so we are not completely putting this character out to pasture just yet when so many crazier things have happened.

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