‘Sons of Anarchy’ series finale secrets leak via book release; Kurt Sutter apologizes

Very sad news is coming out today when it comes to the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale, and it is far from the first time that we have seen the timing of a book hitting retailers or consumers ruin an original plan. (Don’t worry: There are no spoilers ahead. We wouldn’t do that to you.)

Here’s the basic rundown. Immediately after the finale, there was to be a book available entitled Sons Of Anarchy: The Official Collector’s Edition. This book contains all sorts of awesome stuff if you are a devoted fan of the show, including cast reflections, behind the scenes details, and more. Unfortunately, it also contains information regarding key events that happen on Tuesday night’s “Papa’s Goods.”

The book was sent out early, and in a post on Twitter, creator Kurt Sutter himself apologized for the incident, and said that while there are countless other people who could be blamed, it “was [his] idea for the book,” and he therefore takes responsibility for it. It’s about as good of a way as you can handle the problem, though with plenty of Sutter’s patented vernacular in there. (Personally, we blame the distributors for this way more than Kurt, since it makes perfect sense for him to think that a book would be released on its originally-intended date.)

Kurt also asked that anyone who receives the book early keep its contents a secret until Tuesday, which is similar to a situation that happened in the past with “Doctor Who” episodes leaking online early, or even when a few customers received early copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Just a little disclaimer at the end of this article: Can’t we all be cool and not ruin the finale for each other? This has been a heck of a seven-year journey, and to see it end in any way other than the original intention by Sutter would be incredibly depressing. Our advice for you is to steer clear of sites that could contain all sorts of spoiler information, or even select Twitter and Facebook pages. By and large, though, we feel like this fan base is particularly cool, and has such an emotional attachment to the end product that they will not be jerks about it.

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