‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5 rankings: Will Cleen Rock One, Erik Sidua win?

Ink MasterThis has been one of the best seasons of “Ink Master” (season 1 is still our favorite): It has given us drama, great judging, amazing tattoos (as well as some pretty bad ones) and has been over all incredibly entertaining.

We are down to the final four artists competing for the title of “Ink Master”: Jason Clay Dunn, Mark Longenecker, Cleen Rock One and Erik Sidua. Who is going to win “Ink Master: Rivals”? Today we take a look at the remaining four artists and rank them – keep in mind that these are just the CarterMatt predictions and not the actual results.

4. Mark Longenecker: We love Mark, we really do. Although he struggled a bit at the beginning of the season, he’s produced some really rad tattoos and has given us some of our favorite TV moments (watching him hand out the skulls was easily our favorite episode!) We’d like to see Mark place higher then fourth, but since “Ink Master” started bringing back returning contestants, they seem to like to bring them as close to the finale (if not in the finale) as possible, so we see Jason squeaking by Mark for third place.

3. Jason Clay Dunn: Jason has let his anxiety get the better of him a few times this season, but he’s such a remarkable artist that it’s impossible for us to think that he won’t at least end up in third place. We want to give him the second spot, but the edit this season doesn’t give us much faith in that prediction.

2. Erik Sidua: The show has been setting up a Cleen/Erik face off for weeks now. We haven’t loved everything that Erik has done, but when he’s on, he really knows how to produce some beautiful work. He has worked hard to get to the finale and e deserves it.

1. Cleen Rock One: Is anyone really surprised that Cleen Rock One made the top of our predictions list? He has been at the top of his game since the beginning of the competition, the judges have loved him throughout, he has rarely been in the bottom and his tattoos have easily been some of the strongest. If Cleen Rock One doesn’t win the title this season we will be shocked.

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