‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 11 review: Did Jon, Jaclyn choose Reed over Missi?

Reed Kelly -We have to be honest: Going into Wednesday night’s two hours of “Survivor,” we thought that the eliminations were going to be rather predictable.

As much as we like Reed, there is no logical reason for Jon and Jaclyn to want to keep him in the game over Missi and Baylor. If you want to make a move, the better time to make one is after he is gone. You’ll still have Alec and Keith, and that is a majority still. Reed will win this game if he makes it all the way to the end.

The first point of contention tonight was actually between Reed and Baylor over the Reward Challenge, which the five-person alliance ruined with their whole peacemaker attitude. Jaclyn then got upset when Missi decided to take Baylor and Natalie to the reward, and Jon went to Exile Island. She was upset, and then Alec, Keith, and Reed tried to campaign.

Now, let’s get into what makes this season completely maddening: All of this annoying couples’ drama. This is NOT good gameplay. It doesn’t matter that Jon is good at finding idols, but these people would be eaten alive in any other season. Jaclyn and Jon are going to spend most of their time fighting with each other that someone could blindside them … easily.

Even with all of the hype surrounding the fight, the editing still felt obvious tonight that Reed was going to be voted out. There just was not enough time spent seeing the couple discuss this move, and there is also no logic behind flipping. You’re swapping 4th and 5th in one alliance for another, and burning jury members in the process.

Still, you have to be bummed at seeing someone like Reed go who was clearly a big fan of the game, and tried so hard. He probably got a little too excited about the game at times, which is why he found himself in so much trouble.

“Survivor” is still a good show, but the first part of this spectacle tonight was a bummer. Grade: B-.

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