Midseason report card: Was ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 11 too much about conflict?

For our latest entry in our Midseason Report Card series, we turn to a show that ended a little over a week ago, and in a way that probably did not make people feel very great: “Grey’s Anatomy.”

We should start here by saying that this is not exactly the sort of show that tends to rely on making you happy. It tells stories that the writers consider to be realistic, and that means that there are not always happy endings. Of course, we do wish that there were a few more happy stories than there was this time around for the first half of season 11.

What worked – We’ll start with Geena Davis, who completely delivered a fantastic performance this season as a doctor with a short period of time to live. She goes down already in the annals of one of the greatest guest-stars in the history of the show.

The other main shining point for the show this season has been the excellent implementation of Amelia into the proceedings. We were not quite sure that they would be able to tell her story with so many other cast members, but they have. Also, we’re ‘shipping her and Owen now, and this is one of the few moments of hope so far this season.

What didn’t – Are Meredith and Derek too unlikable now? It feels like their story is just a never-ending cycle of misery, and in between their fighting and the Calzona split, this entire season so far feels too depressing. We know that this is often a sad show, but even with that. We’re still reeling from losing Sandra Oh, and having so many unhappy people at the center does not help.

Also, we wish that Jackson and April, who have some interesting stories to tell at this very moment, were getting more screen time. There was so much Maggie on the show this season that some other characters were occasionally swallowed up.

Overall – We feel like the show has a chance to get so much better than it is right now, and that will come with more balance. Even though it is always an emotional show, things can become at times so rough that it’s hard to watch. This was almost like “Grey’s Anatomy” meets “The Leftovers.” Midseason Grade: B-.

What grade would you give the season of “Grey’s Anatomy” so far?

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