‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: Megan Boone’s Liz and a kidnapping

The Blacklist logo any seasonReady to see some crazy things taking place on “The Blacklist”? Well, you’re going to have a chance to witness quite a bit of that on the second half of the season.

Remember that recent report where we discussed how we are going to see a younger version of Liz Keen soon? Well, Entertainment Weekly has some more information about this episode. Per the website, we are going to see Megan Boone’s character in a difficult spot as Liz is kidnapped, and the captor is going to do almost everything that they can in order to extract memories from her brain. Doesn’t this sound pretty terrible? It definitely does to us!

The good news is that this is Liz Keen we are talking about here, and if there is one person who is probably pretty capable of withstanding something like a torture sequence / memory extraction, it is her. Let’s just hope that there is a way for someone else on the team to help her.

The fall part of “The Blacklist” season 2 closed off on a pretty precarious note, given that we witnessed Tom Keen’s escape from his prison, and also the realization that he and Raymond Reddington have been working together in some capacity almost since the very beginning. Clearly, that is some sort of game-changer, but there is no real idea as to what that means just yet. There are many loose threads that will be picked up again in the second half of this season, and this will surely be one of them.

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(Photo: NBC.)

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