‘The Newsroom’ season 3, episode 3 review: Will McAvoy plays the fame game

It is no surprise to us that Will McAvoy tried his hardest to play a little fast and loose with the rules on this past episode of “The Newsroom.” This is who he is in the newsroom itself, and it is who he is when it comes to dealing with the federal government.

Unfortunately, this attitude on his part caused him to be staring in the face now of a grand jury. This is the cliffhanger from this episode, and it poses a huge problem for ACN. Is there anything else that Will can do? It is one thing to be fired or to quit; it is another thing to go to jail or be dragged into countless hearings over information that you have about a source. Also, we know now who the source is after she spoke with Mackenzie, which we find very interesting other than one tiny coincidence: How did this woman go undetected going into the men’s bathroom at that restaurant to leave the hard drive? Seems like someone would have noticed.

What we should ultimately say is a little problematic about this episode, though, is that after watching it, we really don’t remember all that much about what happened. We do miss the days somewhat of when there was more of the current events on the show, and they were mixed into the larger story. The base highlights are that Don and Sloan are being hunted by and HR rep desperate to take them down, Maggie is dating an ethics professor that she met on the train, and that Jim and Hallie are fighting over her taking a job that puts an incentive on page views.

What we wonder here is this: Is “The Newsroom” trying to thumb its nose at Hallie, or Jim for being too snobbish? The reality here is that with the modern landscape of journalism, competition has made it so that only the select few can do what ACN does when it comes to hiring investigative reporters. Many want to be that, but often don’t have a choice other than accepting something different. We wish this story contained more of that gray area.

This was probably the weakest episode of this season so far, but we’ve always been a proponent of the series as a whole. We really do not see that changing. Grade: B.

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