MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5 spoilers: Ashley Rickards ponders future for Matty, Jenna

Last night, the “Awkward” finale ended with a situation that was true to its name, especially for Matty. It took his biological father of all people to make him realize that Jenna really should be the one to have his heart, but he had missed so many opportunities that it may now be impossible for the two to be together.

While we cannot give away too much about the future right now, let’s just say that Lacey telling Matty that it’s too late for him and her daughter does not necessarily mean that. Speaking in a post-finale interview with TVLine, Ashley Rickards teased a little of what could be for this relationship, and also put some of the comments from Lacey into a little bit of a better perspective:

“Listen, it’s never over until it’s over. Those two characters are still alive, right? That’s basically what’s going to have to happen for Jatty to no longer exist — someone’s going to have to die. What Lacey meant is that Matty is too indecisive when the ball is in his court, and in a sense, she’s right. She wants her daughter to be with someone serious, someone who’s not going to mess with her head and string her along. It’s right for a mom to feel territorial like that.”

There is going to be quite a bit of ground to cover over the final season, however long it lasts. Not only do you have to address Tamara’s sudden engagement and the state of Jenna / Matty, but there is also graduation, Lissa, Sadie, and even Lacey, now that she is pregnant.

Is there anything that you want to see on the fifth season of “Awkward” for some of these characters specifically? Share some of your hopes and thoughts right now with a comment!

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