‘Supergirl’ could meet ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ at least in theory

How about this for some interesting news for all of the superhero fans out there? While the upcoming “Supergirl” series for CBS is still extremely early in development, it is very possible that executive producer Greg Berlanti may have her be in the same universe as “Arrow” and “The Flash” on The CW.

This discovery came when KSiteTV navigated through a recent article in the print version of Entertainment Weekly, where Berlanti claims that it is “possible” they may go in such a direction. That may not be a huge indictment of it happening for sure, but isn’t it nice that he is considering it?

In the past, DC Comics properties on other networks have not been considered to be the part of the same universe, but it has also been by and large a very different situation. None of them were produced by the same guy across the board. Also, the CW and CBS have a pretty special relationship in that The Eye basically is an equal partner in the sister network. This is why shows like “Ringer” have slid down to The CW over time. We actually would not be shocked if “Supergirl” ends up on this network, even if it starts to air on CBS. The CW has figured how a great infrastructure for superhero movies, and that is something we continue to expect to see them utilize over the course of the many weeks, months, and even years ahead.

If there was to be a three-part crossover between every show, we feel like it could be very awesome … maybe. The only major problem that we have sometimes with the Superman / Supergirl universe is that the characters are so powerful, it is difficult to make anyone on that same level.

Do you want to see all three series be a part of the same universe? Share below in the comments.

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