‘The Good Wife’ season 6, episode 10 review: Did Cary go to jail, or flee the country?

Tonight, “The Good Wife” aired “The Trial,” which certainly held a title for being one of the most challenging episodes of the entire series. Basically, the situation for the Cary character was simply enough: He was looking pretty screwed. With there being so many obstacles that were stacked in front of him, how in the world could he find a way to avoid prison?

Well, here is the issue: He couldn’t. No matter how many avenues that Alicia and company tried to guide him down, it seemed impossible to avoid any consequences. The only thing he was not willing to do was betray Bishop, and so he would not sell him out for time served and six months of probation.

The one other option that was presented to Cary within this episode was intriguing in its own way: Try to just flee the country for Paris, where he could work there. However, even that doesn’t seem to be on the table right now.

In the end, the episode concluded with him saying that he wanted to adjust his plea, and this all happened while Alicia was dealing with politics of the worst kind: Rumor-spreading, and falling victim to the press baiting her, just in the same way they were baiting her opponents just for the sake of soundbytes. Frustrating, no?

Ultimately, the biggest takeaway from this episode was just that it was tense, powerful, and ultimately awesome. If you love “The Good Wife,” it’s hard to say anything negative here. Grade: A-.

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