‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 7 review: Sasha’s shock; Daryl makes heads roll

The Walking Dead -Can you believe that there is only one episode of “The Walking Dead” left this fall? In a way, that is a testament to how fast this show goes because of how entertained we are. However, at the same time this is also a testament to how sometimes, there is not a whole lot that actually happens during these episodes.

Gabriel – While we continued to see Father Gabriel give very little attention to anyone and everyone around him (at least until taking off), he eventually came close to killing a walker.

Rick – While back in Atlanta, Rick and Daryl tried to find Beth, and had to kill a whole lot of walkers to even come close. Daryl beating a guy with a zombie’s severed head may be one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen.

Eventually they managed to capture an officer that they could use to figure out how to negotiate over Beth and Carol, but not before the may have lost someone in the process. Is Sasha dead? It doesn’t look very good for her right now…

Eugene and company – Basically, this story was mostly Abraham sulking while Maggie tried to take care of Eugene, and Rosita and Glenn shared enough chemistry to make us a little bit worried.

Eventually, we saw Abraham decide to take a swig of the water Maggie brought to him, which to us is proof of something very simple: He may be moving on and actually trying to live again. Hooray for that!

Ultimately, we wish that there was a little more focus in this episode, rather than just a bunch of threads weaving all over the place. Also, we don’t really care about any of the hospital characters, and they pale in comparison to some of the folks at Terminus. While we’re still excited for the fall finale (preview it here), we wish we were as stoked as we wear near the end of last season. Grade: B-.

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