‘Hell on Wheels’ season 5 spoilers: What we know about AMC show’s final season

Tonight, the end will be here for “Hell on Wheels” season 4, but we’re going to help make sure that this fantastic year of episodes ends with a bang. We will have a review for the finale up soon, and come early this coming week, we are working on some other great coverage that you will hopefully enjoy.

For now, though, we wanted to provide at least a few nuggets of information regarding season 5, from what we know from AMC to what we would assume. These are things that could change in between now and next summer, so don’t be necessarily shocked if that happens.

1. Obviously, AMC has already renewed the show, and it has done so for 14 episodes. The catch? This is the final season coming up.

2. These episodes, like with “Mad Men,” are going to be broken into two sets of seven episodes. The first half will air in 2015, and the series will come to a close the following year.

3. There could be some cast changes between seasons. There always are. We wouldn’t have been able to predict last year that we would have a new Naomi, though we’d be surprised if someone is recast this time around. With all the departures this year, we’re likely to meet some new characters.

4. This is Cullen Bohannon’s story, so still expect the focus to be very much on him.

5. While we’ve yet to see what happens in the finale, we have to think that the railroad is still going to play some sort of part in this story still before it comes to a close. Personally, we’d love to see it completed if at all possible, just for the emotional gut-punch that would come with that moment.

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