‘Arrow’ season 3 spoilers: A tease on the ‘who killed Sara?’ mystery

Even though there are seven episodes of “Arrow” season 3 in the can for us as viewers, we’re not entirely sure that we are any closer to figuring out who killed Sara Lance than we were going into it.

So when will the time for answers finally be here? Well, we do have some sort of clarification on this subject today, and with a fantastic twist at the same time! Speaking in a new interview via Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim made it clear that not only will you have some answers soon, but the way in which you find out may take you a little bit by surprise:

“I’ve always maintained that you’d find out the answer to who murdered Sara by the end of the year … That said, I will say that the S.T.A.R. Labs team is going to end up providing a critical piece of information that cracks open the whole case, but that doesn’t necessarily happen in [the crossover].”

Here’s the obvious interpretation we have about the Sara story. It is hard to think that the murderer at this point is anyone other than Ra’s al Ghul. Who else could it be that would make sense to the story? We have a hard time figuring that one out. He is the most notorious person on the show right now, and with Malcolm Merlyn seemingly out of the picture and without motivation, who else could it be? If it was Cupid, she would have left a calling card. It also wasn’t Roy, despite him somehow knowing what Sara said right before she died.

We feel like for the show, the real challenge is just going to be making sure that even if the reveal is predictable, the road to it is still exciting.

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