‘NCIS’ season 12, episode 9 preview: Extended look at Jamie Bamber, Emily Wickersham in ‘Grounded’

More news -Today, “NCIS” unveiled their longer promo for Tuesday night’s new episode entitled “Grounded,”  and based on what we have for you below, this is going to be a very different episode than most of the others this season.

For one, we almost hope that almost all of it is set at the Dulles airport. It’s a chance for the show to mix things up a little bit, and 12 seasons into a show, you really need to figure out some ways to stand out a little bit.

Also, it feels like there is some potential for great comedy here. Basically, it is Tony (Michael Weatherly), Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and her husband Jake (Jamie Bamber) all trying to do what they can to solve a crisis in the middle of an airport with plenty of other problems. What happens when a travel hub shuts down operations right before a holiday? There are so many angry people that it almost puts Black Friday at Walmart to shame.

We’ve had a few pretty serious episodes of “NCIS” in a row now, so we’re down for one that makes us smile and a laugh a little more. Also, Tony says it himself when calling Jake “elusive.” Despite hearing about this guy for a while, we haven’t seen him until now! We’re pretty sure that Bamber is going to have a few more appearances on the show in him, as well.

For those of you wondering of there is going to be a Christmas episode this year to go along with this one themed around Thanksgiving, don’t worry: We’re going to have one of those, as well.

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