‘How to Get Away with Murder’ episode 9 review: ‘Who killed Sam?’ finally revealed

How to Get Away with Murder -All season long, ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” has given us flash-forwards that are largely based around one key subject: Who killed Sam Keating? The entire sequences were always confusing, and they never gave us much of an answer.

With that being said, the show did not waste a whole lot of time tonight making it very clear who the responsible party was, though there was a major fake-out early on in the story. At first it appeared as though Michaela was the murderer, given that she shoved Sam down a flight of stairs.

However, like a Black Knight from a “Monty Python” movie, Sam got up, and it was eventually Wes who bludgeoned him to death while Annalise’s husband had put on his best strangling act. In a way, this was to save a life, but it doesn’t erase the fact that there were many laws broken by the group before that.

After this happened, Wes got an offer for a reprieve from Rebecca; given that she was on trial for Lila Stangard’s murder already, she could take the fall for this one easily.

As everything unfolded the rest of the way, from the quest to burn the evidence in the bonfire to Annalise’s plea to get Sam back, this story only got more and more brutal. This culminated with the scene the next morning, where Keating’s students lied to her face, or at least omitted the truth of their actions … or at least that is what we thought.

This is where the big surprise of the night came: Annalise knew that Wes killed Sam! She was there! With that in mind, everyone that we saw the entire night was a fake-out, designed so that she could cover herself in the event that she ever needed to. It was all a game, and we have to admit that we bought it hook, line, and sinker.

We were already on board with the finale, and while we’re going to have to think back to process whether or not all of this was legitimate without any plot holes, we are blown away for now. Grade: A-.

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