‘Homeland’ season 4, episode 9 preview: Can Carrie weave her way towards saving Saul?

There is a certain rhythm that we are seeing “Homeland” season 4 in at the moment, and it goes somewhat like this: Saul is captured, and Carrie has to find a few new ways to break the rules in order to save him.

We know at least that she is going to do just about everything she can in order to ensure that this happens. Will she pull it through? We definitely hope so, largely because we just lost on of the show’s other most-beloved characters in Brody last season. Cutting out another one right now may be a little too much for the majority of people out there to handle.

There are only four episodes left on the fourth season, and we do expect a whole lot more in the way of twists and turns before then. After all, this is what the show is in part known for.

At the moment, the one thing that you can rest assured of (at least for now) is that the show has been renewed already for a fifth season. Therefore, there is no real reason to worry about the show’s immediate future, and hopefully that will lead to a sense of the show really setting things up for the future, and not necessarily trying to tie everything into a neat little bow right now.

We are going to have even more news and updates pertaining to “Homeland” soon, so stay tuned.

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