‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Amy deals with Karma’s revelation

There is something very odd about the sneak peek for Tuesday night’s new episode of “Faking It,” and we can describe it using very simple terms: Amy finds out that one of her lies has come back to bite her, and she tries to get out of it by telling another lie.

Does anyone on TV tell more needless lies at this point? You can attribute it mostly to being young and insecure, given that Reagan, Amy’s new girlfriend, seems to be the perfect person to confide in when it comes to your past mistakes. She is extremely forgiving based on what we’ve seen, and pushes Amy out of her comfort zone. After this lie, she may not be so likely to keep her around in the long-term. After all, it may prove that Karma is still her top priority if she is focusing so much energy on this, while still keeping her in the dark.

As we have already reported, the one thing that you can almost certainly expect to erupt out of all of this is a bloodbath of drama, and it could include everything from friendships ending to people even leaving Hester High for good. This is not something that Karma will be able to get past overnight; Liam and Amy were two of the people closest to her, and they were both complicit in keeping this secret. This will alter almost her entire worldview, and we definitely cannot see anything romantic happening for her with either character between now and the end of the fall finale. There’s just not enough time for it to be realistic.

We are going to have for more new soon when it comes to “Faking It” and the road ahead, so be on the watch for that.

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