‘How to Get Away with Murder’ episode 8 review: Did Sam kill Lila Stangard?

How to Get Away -How to Get Away with Murder” has definitely been on a rollercoaster ride, trying to solve one mystery while opening the next for much of the past few weeks.

In the end, though, one of the biggest ones has revolved around the case of Lila Stangard’s death, and figuring out just who was the real culprit behind the crime.

Was it Sam? Well, the evidence really was starting to stack up against him throughout the episode, especially when it was revealed that Sam knew that Lila was pregnant, which was the latest step in trying to unravel just what his motivation could have been.

At this point, though, even Annalise Keating is turning on him, as evidenced by her announcing that the D.A.’s office is working to collect DNA samples from everyone who is in her life, which seems to be a pretty dangerous situation … but one that may end up leading to the truth.

Basically, what we learned elsewhere is a little more of the same, at least in that Michaela and Rebecca have about a million crazy things going on relationship-wise, Wes is starting to feel hurt, and if you mess around with Annalise’s husband, you’re probably going to be fired from your job.

We feel like at times this show does bite off way more than it can chew, but there were some moments tonight that made all the anticipation worth it … though we’re still waiting for that definitive proof on both Lila and Sam’s deaths. Grade: B.

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