‘Two and a Half Men’ season 12, episode 3 review: Walden and Alan make their case as parents

It begins -One week ago, “Two and a Half Men” made the crazy

One thing that we do feel should be stressed here as impressive is that the comedy is trying something right now that few other comedies want to brave, and that is making a story that feels almost like a serial with fart and anatomy jokes.

Does it really work? Yes and no. We really enjoyed the first two episodes and hope they presented the relationship between Alan and Walden, but through a certain percentage of tonight’s episode, it felt like there were a few too many gay jokes in here this time, even if it still clear that the show is an equal-opportunity offender.

While they hampered our enjoyment of this story somewhat, there were still moments. It was nice, for example, to see “Psych” star Maggie Lawson get a part in here as a social worker who tried to make sure that these two guys were fitting parents for a child. Also, Lyndsey returned, and basically did everything that Lyndsey often does, and that includes creating a whole storm of trouble after she got drunk, took her shirt off, and started running around the beach house.

The line of the night? When Walden referenced that “Charlie Sheen doesn’t live here anymore.” Isn’t it always nice when the show gets a little bit meta? Also, it feels like Charlie Sheen the actor could exist within this world on the same level that Charlie Harper the character did.

Now, we’ll just have to see where this story goes the rest of the way. Somehow, they did still get approved. Grade: C+.

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