‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7, episode 11 spoilers: Will Walton Goggins return as Venus?

Is there a more likable character on “Sons of Anarchy” right now than Venus Van Dam? Walton Goggins has created one of our favorite characters on TV in just a handful of appearances, and Venus’ relationship with Tig (Kim Coates) is something special.

Unfortunately, we always find ourselves wanting a little bit more of the Venus character, and largely because Goggins only has so much time in his schedule. After all, he is working on the final season of “Justified,” and it cannot be easy to transition from playing Boyd Crowder to getting the prosthetics on and all of the hair / makeup.

Following those extremely touching moments between her and Tig on the show last night, what happened next? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Goggins speculated with the following:

“I think she got dolled up. I think they went to a very expensive, conservative restaurant—her in her beautiful outfit with color, and him with his leather cut. And they sat and ordered the most expensive bottle of wine. And then they ordered another bottle of wine. And they had a seven-course meal in front of all of these people and were more in love and more themselves than anybody in that restaurant.”

Walton was coy on his particular future on the show, which really is in true “Sons of Anarchy” fashion. Maybe Venus turns up again before the show is over, but it’ll be hard for her to find a whole lot of screen time. We imagine that most of the story is going to revolve around the big reveal that Gemma killed Tara, as the words went straight from Abel’s mouth to Jax’s ears.

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