‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ episode 6 review: Will Dandy Mott marry Bette and Dot?

Dandy Mott“American Horror Story: Freak Show”changed the game when they decided to kill off Twisty the clown who had a very different motivation for killing people then Dandy Mott does. Will he begin to target the freak show as revenge for rejecting him? Seems likely, but he will also have to content with Stanley who is out to harvest freak show cast members for the museum of curiosities in order to get a big pay day.

Dandy: Now that Dot and Bette are living with him and his mom, he has fallen in love with them. He tries to explain that when he is with them that he feels normal and he wants to marry them. Dot of course is skeptical of Dandy (as she is with everyone), but Bette is in love with him. Dot hatches a plan to try and get Dandy to use his money to separate her from Bette and have a life with Jimmy. Dandy wants the girls to open up to him, so he reveals a secret saying that he saved the kids from Twisty the clown and killed the clown, but when he asks Dot to tell him a secret in return and she says no he throws a Dandy sized fit. Dandy ends up reading Dot’s diary and learns that she hates him, and is collecting money for the surgery.  Even though Bette loves him, he wants both of them as they are – that they should understand the freak inside of him, but now he knows that he was never destined to feel love. Jimmy ends up at Dandy’s house to get the twins and bring them back to the freak show.

Paul: We learn that Elsa and Paul are sleeping together, but he is also sleeping with a woman outside of the freak show, Penny, that he is in love with. Paul sees Dandy buying things that Dot and Bette would want and starts to wonder if they are with him and he realizes that Elsa has done something nefarious with the girls. When Elsa learns that Paul is sleeping with another woman he calls her out on what she’s done with Bette and Dot. Elsa of course loses her mind and demands that someone (Paul volunteers) gets strapped to the wheel of death while she throws knives at him to prove that they trust her – he of course ends up with a knife in his belly (this whole scene was ridiculous). Penny comes to the freak show to find Paul when he doesn’t make it to see her and she doesn’t understand why no one has called an ambulance for him.

Stanley: Now that the twins are gone he wants Jimmy’s lobster hands for the museum, but Esmeralda convinces him that it will be too messy and talks him into taking Ma Petite instead. Esmeralda stays true to her word and steals Ma Petite and brings her to an abandoned barn, and puts her in a jar, but before she pours formaldehyde on her, she chickens out and brings her back. Esmeralda talks to Jimmy about running away together and he says that he’s in, but when she goes back to her tent to get her bags, Stanley is waiting there for her. Without Ma Petite he is back to wanting Jimmy’s lobster hands.

We know we are probably freaks for saying this but the Dandy, Bette love story is a little endearing. Maybe we just want to see Bette have happiness since she is such a gentle soul. Episode grade: B+

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