ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 6 review: Did Castle and Beckett get married?

CastleAfter yanking the rug out from under fans last season when it came to the big Castle/Beckett wedding, we have been impatiently waiting for these two to get married this season. While there was a little talk about the wedding, there hasn’t been the same build up as last season as they looked at dresses, discussed wedding invitations and checked out venues. Tonight though, we will see these two finally tie the knot, but is it going to be as satisfying as what was build up last season?

When Beckett gets a wedding invitation from an ex-flame, it brings up more wedding talk and also where Castle and Beckett would be if they hadn’t met each other (Beckett feels that she would’ve been captain by now). When Castle asks if Beckett is going to go to the wedding, Beckett says that she’s not going… that she’s not ready to be part of someone else’s perfect day while hers is still uncertain.

While on a  case, Castle blacks out from a blast and has visions of what life would’ve been like if he and Beckett hadn’t met… and it does have her in the position of captain. Martha is Broadway star, Ryan never got married and Alexis has black hair and lives in Los Angeles. Also Castle is poor, losing his fortune on women and fun… and his last book is failing.

So in this parallel universe do Beckett and Castle end up together anyways? Castle asks Beckett out on a date and after promising to tell her why he killed Derrick Storm (turns out she is a fan of his books) she accepts. The date doesn’t go as well as he hopes and his search for a way back to his “own dimension” starts to dry up, but he does realize from being in this world that he needs to right the wrong that is still hanging over him and Beckett… not being married.

So did we have a Castle/Beckett wedding? After waking up from being unconscious, he asks Beckett to marry him right away and she says yes. Instead of the bigger wedding they were planning, it is small and intimate with just their immediate family at sunset. It was a nice wedding, and we loved their vows to one another (so beautiful!), but if we are being totally honest it didn’t live up to the hype of the first wedding (and we liked Beckett’s other wedding dress way better then this one).

The parallel universe story was a fun twist on the whole “what if Castle and Beckett had never met” idea, but what we really wanted to see was the Caskett wedding. Leaving only 5 minutes for their wedding wasn’t enough time for 7 seasons of build up. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Castle” and was this the wedding that you were hoping for?  Head over here to see some sneak peeks for next week’s all new episode. Also, you can sign up to score some further TV updates on all we cover right now via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: ABC)

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