‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 8 preview: Amy (with Reagan’s help) enters beauty pageant

If there is one thing coming up on “Faking It” season 2 Tuesday night that we are almost sure is going to be incredibly-awkward, it will be watching Amy trying to reconcile her desire to prove a point to her mother with her desire to taking down the entire institution that is the beauty pageant.

As she and her new girlfriend Reagan discuss in the new sneak-peek video, Amy is going to be struggling quite a bit with some of the implications that come with entering such a pageant, and whether or not she should in the first place. Her major competition will be Lauren, and you know that this move alone will certainly tick her off.

Still, Amy wants to impress Reagan, and that is a good motivation for it. The only thing that we have to wonder is this: If by some magic she does win, will she have the confidence to mock the very pageant that just give her the crown? That is one of the biggest questions almost at the core of this Amy / Reagan relationship right now: Is Amy confident enough to keep her? We know that the feelings seem to be there, but there are times frequently where we see her hide behind lies out of fear. For Reagan, almost everything appears to be both honest and out in the open.

Anyway, we’re sure that there will be many answers on this front and much more coming Tuesday night. Stay tuned for further coverage!

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