‘White Collar’ season 6 premiere reaction: Creator on Peter’s ‘deal’ with Neal

Thursday night marked the premiere of “White Collar” on USA, and we learned quite a bit in regards to Neal Caffrey’s current path to freedom.

At the same time, though, we had a few unexpected shockers along the way … and one of them was losing Rebecca in such a dramatic way. While we never expected her back this season in the first place, we never expected her to say goodbye in such dramatic fashion rather than going back into prison.

What we are here to talk about for now, though, is this: Can Neal Caffrey really trust an offer from Peter that if he completes the latest mission, he will be a free man? How many times can he be duped? The dynamic between Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay’s characters has long been at the center of the show, and we’re glad that it is back in such a big way this time.

As show creator Jeff Eastin told TVLine in an article posted after the premiere, don’t expect some of these trust issues and difficulties between the characters to be resolved until the finale:

“[The deal was as] ironclad as Peter can make it, you know? We had seasons where Peter can promise anything he wants, but the FBI is a different story. That promise does figure in relatively heavily toward the end of the year. Keller does ask Neal, ‘How many times has Peter promised you this? And how many times has it failed?’ That becomes a pivotal moment in the finale.”

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to watch this story build until we get to that big moment.

What do you think is going to come up for these characters next? Share with a comment.

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